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How to maintance your roof rack

How to maintance your roof rack

How to maintance your roof rack?

Roof Racks generally do not need any special care. However, since checking the roof rack connections with your vehicle will prevent possible problems; It can be done for a long-lasting use and to protect the roof of your vehicle with minor maintenance in season changes.

Roof rack and roof of your vehicle

Roof rail, flush rail and similar roof rack connections do not require maintenance like fix point roof racks as they are independent from the roof of your vehicle. We will address this issue at the end of the article. However, since the fixed point roof racks mounted directly on the roof of your vehicle are directly connected to the body of your vehicle, in case of a possible rust, it may cause your vehicle to be adversely affected in rainy weather or bad weather conditions. You can troubleshoot these problems as follows;

1- Screw & Connector Check

Roof rack can be attached with 1 or more screws while it is mounted on your vehicle. Bamboli LTD fittings are made of rustproof steel and are corrosion resistant. However, even in these parts, manufacturing errors may occur and minor corrosion may occur. These corrosions can reduce the resistance capacity of the parts, and water can accumulate on the roof of your vehicle from the gap formed. Of course, your vehicle's roof is waterproof, but accumulating water can further damage those specific areas. Because; you should check the fittings and screws.

2- Rust removal

It is useful to remove the rust that may occur on the cross bar parts or on your vehicle with any rust cleaning product. In the following processes, it will prevent excessive rusting of the parts as well as prevent possible damage to the parts.

3- Visual Check

It is important to make a visual check for problems that may occur in the roof rack products or the connection areas of your vehicle, where you carry up to 165lbs and often exceed this limit. Roof rack & Cross bar products consist of both steel and plastic parts. These plastic parts can be corroded and deteriorated under the influence of sun, rain and wind. Cracks may occur in plastic parts that have deteriorated. These cracks may grow during use and cause greater damage. For this reason, products with cracks or damage in their structure should be replaced as soon as possible.

Take your safety precautions before starting the checks.

Remove your roof rack mounted on your vehicle.
How to maintance roof rack

Check the parts of the roof rack you removed. Apply rust remover where you deem necessary.
roof rack maintance

Check the Roof Rack installation site.
roof rack rust removal

Reassemble after making sure the parts are OK.

It will be more beneficial to carry out maintenance operations especially during season changes, that is, from winter to summer and from summer to winter. If there are parts that are affected by seasonal factors, you may find a chance to intervene early. All Bamboli LTD roof rack products are guaranteed for two years and you can contact us in case of any problem, supply new parts and get help.

All guidelines apply to roof rail products. Roof rail products are mounted directly on the roof of your vehicle. For this reason, you should not neglect to check the fittings and your vehicle.

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