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Wholesale & Dropshipping Autoparts


What is wholesale

According to Wikipedia; Wholesale is; the business of selling of goods in large quantities and at low prices, typically to be sold on by retailers at a profit. Basically; you need buy automotive products with large quantities and store them. It means, you need to calculate storage, shipping and etc cost.

Wholesale types

1 - Wholesalers Merchants

Most common wholesale type. Merchants; buys products from different manufacturer or suppliers with large quantities and selling them slightly higher prices. Generally merchants not manufacture their own products.

2 - Commission agents or Brokers

It generates its own commission by selling the product owned by a manufacturer or supplier to another buyer or by establishing a sales agreement. They do not stock any product or deal with delivery.

3 - Distribution and Sales

Sometimes, manufacturers or suppliers may hire different employees to expand their sales and distribution network rather than choose to work with different brokers or wholesalers. In this case; When selling their products, they do not cut their product prices, but they have to overcome executive and employee costs.

Benefits of wholesale

1 - Product related problems

If wholesale a product instead of manufacturing a product, product-related problems are avoided. All these types of issues is transferred to the manufacturer.

2 - Warranty and after-sales services

Especially after-sales services; such as warranty and maintenance, technical service are a serious cost. Producers must pay for all such services.

3 - Advertising and brand awareness

Wholesalers only focus on selling the product. All advertising fees and trademark works related to the product or products are carried out by the manufacturer.


What is dropshipping?

As a different point of view of dropshipping; dropshippers is an e-commerce brokers. Dropshipping have many different benefits. If you are really good in e-commerce, you can earn a lot of money with really lower cost.

How dropshipping works?

Basically; dropshippers work with very little workforce. Because the whole process is carried out by the manufacturer or supplier.

Dropshippers who sell products to customers without producing any product, stocking, and shipping costs. So; how it works?

* Dropshippers sell products
* Buyers informations sends to manufacturer or supplier
* Manufacturer sends products to buyers
* Buyer checks the product and confirms the sale
* Dropshippers gets the payments.

Benefits of dropshipping

1 - No extra cost

No shipping, no stocking, no manufacturing cost. These all cost handled by manufacturer or supplier.

2 - No after-sales or product cost

You don't need to worry about after sales, guarantee, packaging, product-related costs.

3 - Focus on selling

You just focus selling, we handle all remaining services.

4 - Yor customer, your network

Focus on your own customers and build your own network.


Relaible and competitive

We offer the opportunity to work with one of Europe's largest automotive supplier. Product guarantee, free returns, %100 part fitments, high quality products and unique product range are just a few benefits of what we offer.

We are working with Europe's biggest manufacturers and suppliers. Unique and rich product range offers you more competitiveness in market.


We offer absolutely free shipping to all over the world. Even if the total order amount is under $50. Take this advantage and grow your business.

We replace damaged products caused by manufacturer and shipping free of charge.


We do not compromise on high technology and high quality from the products we produce and supply. Many of our products have TUV and European standards certificate.



Working with Bamboli smoother than ever.

If you want to work with us, simple just email to or you can call +90 545 905 66 50

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