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What roof rack should I get? Perfect roof racks guides

What roof rack should I get? Perfect roof racks guides

Aftermarket accessories have a large share in the automobile market. Roof rails and racks, one of the most used automobile aftermarket accessories, has a large share in this market. Many manufacturers have developed and continue to develop many models and many roof rack products in order to have a say in this market. Due to the crowd of products on the market, users can be confused and often cannot decide which roof rack to buy. In this article, we will answer many questions. At the same time we will be looking for answers.

Let's start with the simplest.

Are roof racks universal?

The answer is no. They are produced in special dimensions. Just like cars, and almost no product can fit a different vehicle, except for mass production car models. As an example; Roof rack for Ford will not fit for Mitsubishi. Because these products are varied depending on the ceiling dimensions of the cars and other accessories used on the ceiling.

In some cases, kayak racks may be compatible in vehicles with the same chassis type and body. Very rarely, compatibility may occur when the dimensions and accessories used are the same. For example; Roof racks of Renault Kadjar 2015 and Suzuki Grand Vitara 2016 vehicles are compatible with each other. But this is rarely a compatibility and you need to find the right car roof rack for your car.

What roof rack fits my car?

To understand the appropriate roof rack for car, you should look at the roof type of your car and the accessories used. Also, important is the type you decide to buy. Cross bar are produced according to the accessories used by the vehicles.

If we look at these accessories;

- Sunroof,

- Factory roof rails,

- Roof trims or plastic moldings stand outs.

So how do we determine the appropriate product based on the accessories above?

As we said before, your vehicle's accessories are important in determining the appropriate rooftop rack. Because the ski rack produced for a vehicle without a sunroof does not fit a vehicle with a sunroof. Or kayak rack produced for a car built with fabricated roof rails cannot be mounted on a vehicle without roof rails. That's why sunroof, roof rails and roof rail molding are important.

Let's take a look at Bamboli LTD roof rack types

Roof rail compatible models,

- v1 and v2

Roof Rack

Models compatible with cars without roof rails (Fixed roof rack),


What roof rack should I get

Bamboli LTD roof rack are specially produced for your car and are 100% compatible with the sunroof. All car models and years are carefully listed and prepared so that you can easily find the right product with sequential selections. You can use this link (Roof rack for car) to start the selection.

You have decided to buy a roof bar, you have chosen the right product, but you are wondering how the rooftop bar works, right? Let's look for an answer to the question of

How does roof rack work?

The roof bars or kayak racks, as the name suggests, consists of a pair of products mounted on the car roof. In some cases; Products such as bike racks can be mounted in the luggage compartment of your car. But rooftop racks are mounted on the ceiling.

You can easily carry many products with your car, along with the roof you mounted on the roof.

However, the most important factor to be considered here is security. The roof bar by themselves do not have ropes or bands that we will fasten or fix products. For this reason, the products you will add on the roof must be fastened carefully and firmly to the rooftop bar and fixed. This process is important for the health of both you and other drivers in traffic.

We would like to talk about a revolutionary product for you to safely carry your products with the rooftop rack; Bamboli LTD Load Stops. Bamboli LTD Load Stops are sent complete set for safe transportation of your products. With its four carrying legs and two fixing straps. So you can easily mount it on your roof bar and easily carry the product you want.

To give an example of the products that can be carried with the roof bars and load stops;

- Bikes,

- Kayak,

- Ladders,

- Luggage,

- Various iron products such as pipes and construction materials.

How much are roof racks?

Bamboli LTD offered for sale at a fixed price. And all products are sent ready-to-install and complete set with free shipping. In this way, you can own the product for $109.90 without spending extra. If you find the price is expensive, please contact us and let's consider what we can do for you.

Where to buy roof rack?

As Bamboli LTD, we are selling the internet for now. However, we are also working on a physical store for the USA and Canada. Although we cannot give an exact date yet, we can say that we have worked really hard on this subject.

Although we do not have a physical store. But we ship all our products with free shipping, and we always offer solutions to damage and other problems that may occur during transportation.


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