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Running Board Installation Instruction

Welcome to the Bamboli LTD Running Board Installation Instruction page. On this page, you can find installation videos and information about Running Board.


If we talk about Bamboli LTD running boards features;

- Durable aluminum anodized profile, abs plastic structure, suitable for impact and external weather conditions,

- Special design, easy to install without drilling,

- Average carrying capacity is 150 kg for a single step,

- A pair of side steps manufactured to European OEM quality specifications.

- Supplied with assembly instruction and mounting feet.

- First Quality Certification (FQC)



There must be a vehicle lift for mounting the running board. Because the area to be mounted is exactly under the vehicle. If you have a vehicle lift, the installation will take an average of 30 - 45 minutes.


All materials required for installation are sent with the product.



How to install running board?

- Clean the area where the assembly will be made with the help of a cloth,

- Insert the mounting screws into the mounting holes located at the bottom of the vehicle




- Place the brackets on the mounting screws you placed and tighten the screws (repeat this process for front/back and right/left x4)




- Insert the screws into the screw placement areas on the running board,




- Place the running board bars on the brackets you placed before and tighten the screws (do the same in the other direction).




If you wish, you can perform the installation with the help of the video below.



Click here to access different installation videos for many vehicle models on our Youtube channel.

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