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V3 Fix Point Roof Rack Installation Instruction

Welcome to the Bamboli LTD V3 Fix Point Roof Rack Installation Instruction page. On this page, you can find installation videos and information about V3 Fix Point Roof Rack.

If we talk about Bamboli LTD V3 Fix Point Roof Rack features;

This is a very high-quality aftermarket item made with the highest German standards of quality and comes with one year warranty(lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion). These lockable roof rack cross bars made from Lightweight and very Durable Highest Quality Series 6063 Aluminum.

Suitable for the vehicles without any raised, flushed or t-track rails roof types. Installation is simple, and can easily be installed by yourself(if you are not sure how to install, please contact us before you start) No cutting no drilling needed for the installation. We guarantee the best price for this quality. The manufacturer is a supplier for more than 150 Automobile Brands.

- This Item Has Lock System, Safer Than Ever

- Absolute Durability and Resistance for World Climate

- Durable Under Harsh Cold or Hot Weather Conditions

- TUV Europe Approved Quality



- Load Capacity: 165 LBS or 75KG

- Pieces: 2 PCS SET

- Material: 6063 Aluminum

Package Includes:

- Roof Racks and installation tool

- Installation Guide

- All the needed items for installation

How to install Bamboli LTD V3 Fix Point Roof Rack?

- Clean the area where the assembly will be made with the help of a cloth,

- Remove the protective tape on the bars,

- Insert the L1/R1 and R1/R2 pieces, ie the large plastic pieces, onto the bars. While doing this, make sure that the rubber piece on the bars stays on the top (You should see the rubber piece on the bars when placing the pieces)

- Assemble the rubber part and the frame of the rubber part

- Place the assembled rubber part and its frame on the area to be mounted on the roof of your vehicle.

- Carefully place the roof racks on the rubber part you placed on the roof of your vehicle.

- After placing the bars, tighten the screw on the plastic parts (L1/R1/L2/R2) 4x.

- Tighten the adjusting screw after making sure that the bars are fully seated 4x.

- Place the covers that close the mechanism 4x.

- Lock the mechanism and remove the keys 4x.

If you wish, you can perform the installation with the help of the video below.

Click here to access different installation videos for many vehicle models on our Youtube channel.

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