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What is running board, side step and nerf bar?

What is running board, side step and nerf bar?

Side steps

Side steps, running boards and nerf bars which are mandatory in vehicles with a passenger capacity of more than eight people, are generally preferred due to their visuality. The steps produced specifically for the vehicle also fulfill the function of protecting the side of the vehicle. They can be attached to the vehicle without any drilling

It is possible to buy side steps, which are successful products not only in terms of visuality but also in terms of functionality, through Bamboli Ltd. Our company, which is very assertive in providing a service at international quality standards in the field of auto accessories; can offer you all side step models.

Side Steps Features

Depending on the characteristics of the vehicle, although it is generally used as chrome, it can also be preferred as aluminum. But if robustness is desired, chrome plating is more durable. It has the feature of protecting your vehicle against side impacts. Side steps made without drilling by welding can be mounted more easily. It consists of aluminum main frame and plastic step part injection heads. It is mounted on the chassis part of the vehicle. It protects the sill against side impacts. The running boards that emerge as an assertive product in terms of usage features; production features are also known to be improved. It is also known that these products can be produced in a much more qualified way, especially as a natural result of the development of technology.

Usage Areas of Running Boards/Side Steps

• Commercial vehicles,
• In school buses,
• In vehicles called suv,
• Used in large trucks.

When vehicles go to the service, there is a problem when lifting them with a jack. In addition, there are discolorations in the use of poor quality materials. It is mostly used in off-road vehicles. It is used as an essential part, not an accessory for off-road vehicles. Also side steps; it prevents the vehicle from hitting hard materials such as rocks and stones in off-road vehicles and road slopes. In short, it absorbs the impact.

Nerf Bars Prices

If the steps in your car are ex-factory, the price is within the cost of the car. If you want to make it yourself, industry and service prices differ. There is also a price difference between chrome and aluminum. You can contact us to get a special price for your vehicle. In this way, he can buy the newest model side step models; You can learn the models that are suitable for your vehicle.

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