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Roof Rack Installation for Bare/Naked Car Roof

Since there are no holes in the ceilings of some car models such as Porsche Cayenne and Honda CR-V, the roof rack installation is carried out with extra parts. The details of the assembly of this product are as follows;

1) Remove roof rail channel molding with plastic trim tool (careful not to break plastic retainer clips or bend aluminum roof rail channel molding)


2) Install roof rail brackets using stainless steel washer and nyloc nuts (nuts with nylon bushings at end of threads to prevent loosening or nuts with Loctite thread treatment)


3) Using tape and marker, mark locations of roof rail brackets and center mounting hole for roof carrier

4) Carefully drill hole in roof rail channel molding for roof carrier mounting bolts (protect car, as appropriate)

5) Re-install roof rail channel molding molding

6) Install roof carrier mounting brackets (add Loctite to threads, as appropriate)

Here's the detailed roof rack installation instruction.

All done.

Your vehicle will look like the examples below;

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