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Roof Rail Installation Instruction

Welcome to the Bamboli LTD Roof Rail Installation Instruction page. On this page, you can find installation videos and information about Roof Rails.

Note: According to the vehicle brand and model, the product changes in the form of screw mounting or mounting by sticking in terms of ceiling structure.

If we talk about Bamboli LTD roof rail features;

- Aluminum anodized profile resistant to impact and external weather conditions, abs plastic construction

- Manufactured to European OEM quality standards

- Drilling and modification processes are not applied to the vehicle body

- Supplied with 2 ceiling strip fasteners and installation manual

How to install roof rail?

- Clean the area where the assembly will be made with the help of a cloth

- Remove the roof molding trim piece, if any.

- If any, remove the screws under the plastic molding trim piece that is factory-fitted to your vehicle.

- After removing all screws, attach the mounting brackets sent to you and tighten the screws

- Place the roof rail on the brackets you placed and tighten the screws. Repeat this process on the other side

If you wish, you can perform the installation with the help of the video below.

Click here to access different installation videos for many vehicle models on our Youtube channel.

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