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How to install roof rack?

How to install roof rack?

There are many products and many manufacturers in the roof rack market. Although most of these products are of Chinese origin, the vast majority of them are produced in European-based production facilities. While there are so many products and manufacturers in the market, it is inevitable that the installation of all products is different from each other. However, there are some unchanging elements because the roof racks produced are produced according to the roof type of your vehicle. We will be talking about how you can install roof rack according to these unchanging elements, which are almost universal today.

At the beginning of our article, we mentioned that we need to know how the roof type of the vehicle is so that we can explain how the roof rack installation can be done. First of all, let's talk about the commonly used vehicle roof types;

  • Roof with roof rail
  • Roof with plastic moulding trims (Fixed point)
  • Roof with sunroof


Roof with roof rail

Some car models are manufactured with roof rails on their roofs. You need to purchase a roof rack product that is suitable for a roof type that is a roof rail. The product you will purchase is directly related to the roof rail in your vehicle and varies according to the roof rail type. Factors such as thickness, length, angle and type of the roof rail are important. Because it is not universal.

Roof rack with roof rail 

Installation of roof rack to roof rail typed roof

If you want to install the roof rack on the roof rail, you usually do not need to do any drilling or screwing. The roof rack is placed directly on the roof rail and is reinforced by the tightening screws on the mounting part sent by the manufacturer.

It is the simplest mounting roof rack product. All you need to do is to assemble the roof rack product and place it with the help of the screws sent on the roof rail in your vehicle. Here are some points to note.

These points are;

- Minimum distance between two roof rack bars (approx. 15-20"),

- Proper fit/grip of the roof rack legs on the roof rail,

- That the roof rack parts are assembled correctly.


Roof Rack with naked/bare roof 

Installation of roof rack to naked/bare roof (Fixed point)

This type of vehicle roof usually has two molding trims on the roof of the vehicle. The roof rack you want to buy is screwed to the connection points located under these molding trims.

Usually the molding trims can be removed from the roof of the vehicle by lifting it from the front. On some vehicles this varies and there may be covers where the attachment points are. These covers are opened by sliding in some models or can be removed directly in some models.

In molding trims type vehicles without a cover, it may be necessary to cut the trims from the point where the roof rack product is connected. It may sound scary, but it is not a difficult process. With the help of tools found at home, this piece can be cut to the required dimensions.

Points to be considered;

- When cutting molding trims, it is necessary to cut it to exact dimensions. Excessively cut parts can cause a bad appearance,

- Careful when removing the molding trims, especially the worn plastic part may break under excessive force.


Roof Rack with sunroof/moonroof 

Installation of roof rack to roof with sunroof/moonroof

It is easier to place a roof rack in vehicles with a roof rail and a sunroof. The place where the roof rack will be placed can be moved back and forth since it does not have a specific screw entry. Therefore, this will be an easy installation, but in naked roof vehicles, this process is a little more difficult and requires attention.

First of all, when choosing a roof rack for vehicles with a sunroof, it should be checked whether there will be enough space for the sunroof to be opened, this information can be obtained from the manufacturer. If there is a jamming situation, this problem can be solved with the extra riser part, but this part cannot be obtained from everywhere. For this reason, Bamboli LTD sends the riser part for vehicles with sunroof free of charge with the product. When purchasing a roof rack for your vehicle with a sunroof, you should definitely ask whether this part is available or whether the product will jam with the sunroof.

Roof rack mounting of a vehicle with a naked roof can be done by removing the molding trims as explained in the previous section. Remember, make sure the dimensions are correct when cutting the plastic piece.

In general, explain how roof rack mounting can be done according to different vehicle roof types. While choosing Bamboli LTD products, you can always ask us your questions.

We would like to address frequently asked questions regarding roof rack mounting and roof rack product.

How much does it cost to put on a roof rack?

Roof rack Installation fee varies according to the country. However, roof rack installation is not a difficult process. While many users prefer to install it themselves, many users give the job to the repair shop. An average fee is usually $100 for this installation.

Can any roof rack fit any car?

No. We have discussed this issue in detail in our article. These types of products are not universal due to the difference of the vehicle ceiling types and the difference of the manufacturer. Therefore, not every product is suitable for every vehicle.

What kind of roof rack do I need?

Only you can know what kind of roof rack you need. Roof rack product may be insufficient to carry some items. In such cases, you may need to purchase extra products. For example; bike. No roof rack product can carry a bike alone. For this reason, you can buy an extra bike carrier or a bike carrier directly. Roof Rack product adds a sporty look to your vehicle in general. Failure to properly connect the products you will carry on it may endanger the safety of life and property of you and others. For this reason, it is important to purchase according to the product you want to transport.


Please comply with the speed limits when transporting goods with the roof rack. Due to the wind, you may damage your belongings and endanger others and your own life. Make sure you have connected the items correctly and be sure to check the connections frequently throughout your journey.

Always fasten your seat belt.

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